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Angel Reading – Message from AA Michael

Message from Archangel Michael

Love is the answer to all your concerns -SoulMagic

AA Michael is watching over and protecting your loved ones; so relax and know that you are being enveloped by Angelic realm.
Give away your worries and only focus on what you desire… any repetetive thoughts including worry becomes a prayer…

So Pray for Prosperity ,Peace & Protection

For some of you :

‘It’s your loved ones in heaven saying Hi and sending Love to you’ !

~Shilpa M Menon
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Angel Reading Message from Archangel Michael

Message from Archangel Michael

Your thoughts become your reality. Allow for love based thoughts to flow in instead of fear based thoughts. The more you operate from love, the more your vibrations raise and help you be in space of Magic & Miracles….In short synchronicity

~Shilpa M Menon
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Spirit Speaks

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Spirit Speaks

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Love Heals All

lovehealsLove heals and not hurt,
Love protects and not destruct,
Love helps evolve and not block,
Love cherishes and not denigrate,
Love supports and not oppose,
Love is walk with and not walk-away,
Love soothes and not prick,
Love is the only thing that brings peace, joy and harmony!
Love is to laugh and celebrate…
Love is to leave a trail of ecstasy and bliss !!
My prayer is that each one of you experience this infinite love 💕💞
~☆ Møî☆

Nothing is lost in the eyes of the God.

“Nothing is lost in the eyes of the God.”
Angels help you #heal family relationships and quickly trace people lost for hours.

Sonika called me to inform that one of her guardians was missing from morning , as there was a family discord and now she was little concerned. Rather panicky as he was not reachable.
Before going to the police station to lodge a complaint , she decided to call me and ask for a prayer and both of us together decided to Pray.
By now she was in two minds to go to file the complaint as she suddenly felt a sense of calm.
‘Feeling #calm is another sign of Angels presence.’
And thought will wait for couple of hours more.
In two hours her message came that prayers work and her guardian is safe, traced and found.

We prayed for family misunderstanding to be solved with the help of guardian angels of all involved and prayer for lost loved ones.

So grateful to angels for all the help and quick guidance.
Each day I am amazed at how they help us in everyway, all we have to do is Ask and follow the signs that come in the heart.


Dearest God,
I know that no one and nothing can truly can ever be lost, since you are no regrets only loveOmnipresent and can see everyone and everything.
I affirm that nothing is lost in the eyes of God.
I ask that You, AA Michael, AA Raphael, AA Chamuel and guardian angels of my _______( guardian ) and me, help me reunite with him / her right now.
I also call upon Guardian Angels of my ______ to give me & him / her a sign to reconnect and find now.
I now relax in the knowing that God, Angels and my higher self are already communing with my _______( Guardian ) now.
Thank you, Amen

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