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This is an article covered , it explains the nature of work I do.

A Life Transformation & Spiritual Coach by profession, Shilpa Kanungo derives her inspiration from transformation in Human Behavior. She cries when she sees pain and rejoices when she sees celebration. For her life is a celebration. Her main focus is on Introspection & Empowerment. Shilpa believes that her uniqueness is to bring in Clarity with grounded reality and Inspire people to achieve their dreams. She truly believes that “All answers are within us”. It’s simply a matter of discovering and remembering that. Catch The Punekar in a tête-à-tête with the healer, Shilpa Kanungo.

1. How did you get into the art of healing?

Healing to me is becoming whole and complete. In simple words; accepting and integrating all parts of our self. I witnessed a magical phenomenon at an early age, which left an impression of “Everything is Possible”. Though I had this belief I still faced many challenges which now seem to be a distant memory. One of them was constant health issues. I remember taking so many medicines that there was a point where I was simply fed up. No amount of Doctors could help me get over medicines. This frustration got me into seeking alternative mode of healing practices. With God’s grace my health started becoming better and I felt radiant. Being impacted by the simplicity and experiencing profound shift in my health, I was motivated to share this with a larger audience. That’s how I started enrolling for different modalities and practicing with more and more friends first, which later grew to coaching and counseling sessions. The Joy of seeing a little shift also is very rewarding. These practices have side benefits in my personal opinion. When one thing gets better, other aspects of life also start getting brighter and better.

2. Have you always been a healer or were into some other profession before moving to healing?

More than a healer, I work as a Life Transformation & Spiritual Coach since the past 5 years. Prior to that, I was a full time employee in the corporate world and worked as a Facilitator.

3. Could you explain how these services benefit people?

Different strokes for Different folks – a much common adage. I work by integrating these services. My personal quest for understanding life beyond the visible eyes got me to learn and personally practice each of them at different phases. One may wonder there is a huge basket of things and on the surface they all look different. Yet, I personally believe all of them merge. Each one individually and together help one become aware of one’s situation; accept, align and awaken to the highest potential. If applied then the way of perceiving life and responding to situations become much calmer and better. It’s very empowering. So whether it’s health, abundance, forgiveness, personality trait or inner soul’s journey it benefits all.

4.How are your client?Are they people who have problems in life or those who wish to understand their life better?

I have worked with people from ages 15 till 65. So yes it’s a mixed bag from students t0working professionals to fellow practitioners to healers to home-makers and elders enjoying their life after work. Some of them are seekers who wish to enhance their journeys, some have challenges, and some are curious, some who really want to make a difference and alter their life and mindset.

5. One of the services offered here is ‘Unconditional / Non-judgmental space.’ Could you tell us more about this?

Well, most often people are worried about how they will be perceived. That creates a block, which in turn does not allow them to open up completely. One aspect of healing is to accept all parts of who you are, without judging or condemning. As this space is provided, one feels nurtured . At times, this also allows them to shed their inhibitions and willingness to shift.

6. How different is Tarot reading and Angel reading? How does one decide which one to opt for? Do we get different reading from both?

I can write a lot of about similarities and differences about both. My effort here is to stay little more precise for people get a basic overview. Both have their merits and work depending upon the need and the reader.

Tarot and Angel Reading have derived in different ways and yet one must know they are used for one common purpose: “To provide guidance and advice”.

Tarot is an occultic form of divination and has mathematical predictability as the cards are organized according to straights like in a normal card deck .Tarot is predictive and can give you details right down to hour and minute references. Tarot shows possible outcomes if you were to stay on your current path and is one of the best ways to alter your destiny.

Angels are all about unconditional love; they look past surface appearances and see the true inner beauty and real purpose inherent of us. They highlight our Magnificence. Angel cards are very positive images and even the person being read for gets positive, inspirational and upbeat messages that resonate more with the soul. Angel Cards are not predictive but more like the guidance you receive from a friend who can see the future if you continue on the path you are on. Yet, they are accurate and precise, though the focus is on support, confidence and self-belief.

One thing one must always bear in mind that one has a free will. What I mean by this is, any reading performed for you only shows the possible outcome if you stay on your present path and based on your current sub-conscious patterns. You have the ability to change the outcome also. For any divination or reading, it’s imperative to know that everything that happens and will happen is based on the way we respond and actions we take.

Personally, I believe readings can be done from both or any individually depends on the guidance of the moment. I have quite a collection of all cards and based on the situation the readings are done.

7. What is Archangels as guides and invocations and how do you go about this?

Angels are celestial (non physical) beings. The word ‘angel’ is derived from Greek and translates to the phrase “messenger of God”. Angels deliver loving messages from God or heaven. Angels are unconditional loving beings.

Archangels are the managers of the angels. They are larger and more powerful than angels. They are nonphysical and yet they are more perceptible, audible, sensitive and visible as you tune in to them. They are celestial beings and they don’t have gender. They have specific fortes and characteristics. For example, Archangel Raphael: means “God’s Healing or God the Healer” . We invoke AA Raphael when we want to send healing.

Invoke means to call upon their presence. There are many ways to invoke them, one of them being a prayer. Each Archangel’s name has specific meaning and purpose.

8. EFT is one of the services that you offer. What are these EFT sessions?

EFT: Emotional Freedom Techniques or EFT is series of tapping techniques which can help achieve great freedom from the emotions that have created problems. It is a relatively recent therapeutic process that combines the ancient knowledge of the energy meridians from Chinese medicine. This non-invasive therapy helps relieve and improve any emotional disturbance along with physical symptoms. The best part is it’s portable and can be practiced by anyone.

It assists in Mind-Body-Soul balance. Our behavior is governed by our beliefs, whether those beliefs are destructive or not. Beliefs precede our thoughts and feelings, our actions and reactions, our choices and decisions as well as our experiences. The beliefs are stored in the subconscious. To change our lives, we have to change the dysfunctional beliefs from our subconscious.

The body and the mind are connected intimately, and so if we can get the mind to talk to the body, then we can make real change. Using tapping we can help to unify the mind with the body.

EFT states that the cause of all negative emotions is a disruption in the body’s energy system.EFT helps in clearing old unconscious energy patterns from your mind body system by practicing regularly. This tapping balances the energy meridians thereby achieving a calm state.

In these sessions , I help work with different beliefs.

9. What do you have to say about the stress levels in people’s life?

To be honest, it’s very difficult to generalize about stress levels. Each one of us responds to different situations in different ways at different times. It’s true that the number of people getting stressed, or the ones we hear about, are very high. Stress can be caused by any situation – life does brings it own challenges which are inevitable. One cannot eliminate these situations, yet can eliminate stress with the way they choose to respond to it.

10.Do you see a lot of unhappy individuals around? What do you think is the main reason for unhappiness?

I am not sure, if individuals are unhappy constantly. In 24 hours, I have rarely met someone who is un-happy the entire time. Once again, it’s conditioning, situations and the ability to respond that sometimes makes one unhappy. Most often one is unhappy when one thinks it’s because of circumstances out of their control. They have perceived Life in a certain way and want things flowing as per their expectations. If those are not met, it causes pain. One of the main reasons for unhappiness is “Expectation”.

11. Do you believe that we can achieve all that we want in life? How?

I certainly believe that “We are the creator of our own lives – not some of it, not most of it, but all of it.” However, having said that one must know their true potential from the depth of their being. Each one of us is unique – we are here to understand that and shine. Having realized that with complete clarity, we can manifest the dreams we want. Sometimes, we can do this by meditation, using various esoteric & practical tools. Sometimes, it’s important to have a coach or a guide. The idea of a coach is to simply have someone provide nurturing space. A coach also reflects the thoughts one has which they may or may not be aware of. Someone who can help them see their highest potential or help them achieve it. This can be a friend, family member or a guide. One aspect in life is to ‘Know and be Aware’ and another is to ‘Live & Experience it’.

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