Shilpa M Menon Ever since childhood, I believed in Fairies & Magic. I grew up with a conviction deep in my soul that ‘life is beautiful’ and we are what we make our lives to be. Irrespective of the circumstances, I have always believed in keeping my head high with an “Infectious smile”.

I still recollect I was barely 7 years old when I was introduced to the concept of how we can move things around with high concentration. My teacher then made me move the ‘Lamp’ with 30 minutes focus. I guess that’s when I started to believe that “Everything is Possible”.

Life has been and continues to be a great teacher. I have been a curious and constant learner, though I have also used my discernment as and when required. During my philosophical & religious studies I would certainly ask questions to seek a deeper understanding and not simply take it at face value.

I operate out of instinct; however I also understand that this learning must be applied and transferable. So my endeavor has been to work with Magic which is Practical.

Well, life was filled with premonitions and intuitions coming true although I never consciously worked upon it. My conscious Journey began few years ago. It started with reading books, attending seminars and workshops and mindful practices.

I have learnt various healing modalities and I have started to work with alternative healing modalities. Human Behaviour Transformation is what inspires me. I cry when I see pain and rejoice when I see celebration. I enjoy making life a celebration. I work as a Life Transformation & Spiritual Coach. You can check the work I do and different services I offer.

I follow divine guidance and in my experience every time I have done that, life is effortless.

My main focus is on Introspection & Empowerment. My uniqueness is to bring in Clarity with grounded reality and Inspire people to achieve their dreams. I truly believe “All answers are within us”. It’s simply a matter of discovering and remembering that.

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Much Love & Blessings,
Shilpa M Menon (Kanungo)

“You are meant to have magic, the magic that you really are, your true Self.”

“Everything is Magic…including our Existence…!!!”