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Angels help with Money and Finances !

Angels help with Money and Finances !

Prosperity - goddess lakhsmi

Very happy to share an experience from one of my participants of #Angelic Divination #Workshop.

** Name changed of banks and the person to maintain privacy**

Let’s Hear It :

Hey Shilpa

Sharing my recent #magical angel experience.

As I have mentioned to you we are in the process of refinancing our loan through ABC Bank.

ABC is very particular about the documents, Raj and me we have been working on this since the last two weeks. Yesterday our agent got back saying there is a crucial document missing .

We spoke to the builder to check if they have it, or else we would have had to put a request with our current bank and the whole process would be delayed by 10-15 days😰.

I prayed to the angels to take over and help🙏.

Today we got a call from the builder’s office saying we were lucky that the documents were in the office, normally they store it in the godown….😃 ( Magic eh )

Mind you, these documents are 8 years old😇 and we got the documents 🙏😇

Plus we also needed additional documents from my society : Our manager at the society office has gone out of her way beyond her call of duty to go searching for a courier service that delivers on urgent basis so I can get the documents by tomorrow😇🙏👼

I’m so grateful to my angels, love this experience and love this feeling, love you universe !

Interesting thing is that she got Prosperity Card today and after that this amazing news pour in . Magic all the way.

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Power of prayers – Nothing is petty for Angels

‘For he will command his angels concerning you to guard you in all your ways’ -Psalm 91:11-12


Nothing is petty in the mind of #Angels , they are always ready and happy to help. ..All you have to Do is #Ask.
Gauri, after attending the #Angelic #Divination workshop was heading home on her two wheeler … It was pouring and she was wondering how will she reach home safe , as the roads were slippery and she had her previous workbook and Angel cards in her bag.

Let’s hear what she has to say in her own words how she experienced Divine support from the Angels :

As “I ( Gauri) was riding home, the bike was gonna skid, but it was as if someone pulled thr handle of my bike from the other side and the bike stood back well grounded.”

She said she would have been in Hospital if this help would not have come through. Then she mentioned that,

“And all my cards and the workshop journal were inside the purse. The Purse was on the pedestal. I was damn sure that everything is doing to get wet because of the rains.
As the purse has a little opening near the chain, as a part of purse-design. I prayed to the angels please let the purse, the cards & the journal not get wet.

The heart was saying : ‘they wont get wet’ as I have prayed to my angels. But the head was saying : ‘it’s gonna get wet’

I had therefore opened up the purse while waiting on the signal to transfer things inside the dickey, but wasn’t able to do it.

Lots & lots of waters being splashed by the cars.
Now, as I entered my home & was literally sure at this point, that all of it has got destroyed by the rain water. I was completely drenched by rain waters and by the water which was splashed on the road.
However, to my suprise and by the grace of the angels there was not a single drop of water in the purse. And all my precious belongings ( Angel cards and book ) were safe.”

Thank you Gauri for sharing your experience with us. .Pray we all experience this Divine Magic !

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Two lessons from my Sleeping (Dream) Sage

Two lessons from my #SleepingSage as I dream !!
I see an old colleague who I have worked with 9 years ago, in my dream with another old friend . As I greeted my friend and this colleague …The colleague seemed to ignore me and I still smiled . Both of them had to go somewhere and they left. I was acutely aware that I was dreaming. My Sleeping Sage guided Me , “It doesn’t matter if someone likes you or not , it’s important you be kind and continue to spread smiles and each one may be going through their own journeys”

..later in the dream, my friend did verify that the colleague was going through trying times and therefore didn’t respond at that moment, though that little smile did help him lift up later and the colleague apologised to the friend.
My sleeping sage was accurate on guiding me!
Lesson 2 as I wake up : “Sometimes others behave the way they do is not personal or directed towards us, it’s due to their own inner conflicts or perceptions “.

I love my dreams and the guidance I get. Perfect weather to Sleep & Smile . Live, Love , Laugh and Learn

#dreamsdocometrue, #sleepingsage, #dreaminterpretation, #Ilovemywork, #Spreadingsmiles

“I am a multi-millionaire, world is safe”

The biggest investment is life is people
and love.
If we nurture it well and walk with them through it all we are multi-millionaires

Shilpa M Menon (Kanungo)

I woke up this morning with a thought and faint smile with the ways of the world. The thought was of the conversation I had with one of my uncles. 

 ‘Please do not give your cash in someone’s hand’, he said. Ensure it’s in your account and you don’t give any permissions to access the money. Be Safe with your investments. His tone was breathing Fear and the untold stories of how unsafe this world is. One cannot trust anyone for money. 
This conversation continued with my mom, and as I mentioned that I find these kind of fear based conversation funny, she started with her experiences. 
One part of her believes in Divine, the other part of her life speaks of how money makes people go mad. It’s a bad ass world. One needs to be alert of everyone and everything. Children do not care about their…

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Choose Peace – Choose ‪Happiness‬ ! From Rage to Sage

Choose Peace – Choose ‪#‎Happiness‬ ! From Rage to Sage

Someone told me that Shilpa, it’s easier to speak of Letting go, I am making the prayer and yet I feel very Angry inside .. So even though I am willing to Let-Go, this ‪#‎rage‬ shows up.

Let me quickly say what ‪#‎Buddha‬ stated : ‘Holding onto ‪#‎Anger‬ is Like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die’

It reminds me of another story :

One day a teacher decided to not teach anything from the syllabus and told her students that they are going to play games and asked them if they are up for activities. The children got excited at the thought of not having to study and were keen on playing and participating in activity.

So she asked each one of them to get one tomato each for every student they had anger or grudge for fellow classmates the following day. The rule was that only one tomato per person.

Next day students brought fresh tomatoes, some had one, some two, some bag full. They were excited in anticipation that it would be an activity where they will be allowed to throw tomatoes.

So the teacher simply, told them to play and carry the tomatoes wherever they go.
The students did so waiting for that moment to come. Few days passed by and there was no sign of the activity being carried out.

By now the their shoulders were hurting , the tomatoes were beginning to go stale, soft, squeezy. .. some of them had started to rotten and give foul odour.
A point came where they were beginning to get staunch smell in the classroom and wherever they walked (as the bag was always with them).
Finally, they informed the teacher that they don’t want any activity of throwing tomatoes as all they want is get rid of it, feel good and smell good. .and that if she ever asks again they rather not have bring any tomato, as carrying the rotten baggage was not allowing them to focus on anything.

That’s when the teacher Smiled and told them : “This is what happens when you hold the Anger (tomato) against someone, the person who gets affected the most is you. The more the anger ( the more tomatoes), the difficult it’s for you to function as it’s constantly weighing on your mind. So drop the Anger and allow yourself to be free again.angels of peace

Dear Angels of Peace,     
‘I call upon you now, to clear the toxicity of Anger that I hold within knowingly and unknowingly. I am willing to forgive ______, and release all stored up Anger in my physical, mental and emotional body. I am now willing to trade all pain for peace. And so it is now’ -Amen .

I pray each one of you experience peace and abundance 🙂
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Angels help with Job – Prayers- Autowriting

Sometimes we quit our jobs or are unhappy or are looking for a #Job that fits our temperament ..

Here’s a quick #Angelic experience :

Shilpa M Menon
Power of prayers

During one of the #autowriting sessions with the Angels , Neeta asked about her Job . Her guardian angel showed her an image of Singapore Airlines. She was jobless for a long time and after long had given one interview. For this particular profile , there seemed to be a mismatch .
Though the angels showed her that she may get an affirmative response.

Her #belief in the message was very strong .

As soon as she finished her autowriting session, she got a call from the would-be employer for an#instant interview.
This itself was a very deep and instant #validationfor her. She continued to remain calm and prayed to her Angels to help her present herself.

During the interview there was a point when the employer said , that they have to rethink. Neeta asked for a quick break , and then stepped outside and made a deep prayer to Angels for this job to come through as her financial situation had to be resolved.
After about 10 minutes, the employer seemed to have soften his approach and told her that they are willing to give her an opportunity and internship, she needs to prove herself in the next 3 months .

Well, with all the #Joy and #Surprise she took up the offer.

Later, she did get feedback that her conviction and truth is what made them hire her in spite of mismatch.

The interesting part is, in the 4th month she travelled to Singapore and has been a frequent flyer for her companies assignments. Also, it’s been over 18 months now and she has climbed up the ladder and have had two promotions and is still working.

Dear Angels / My Guardian Angel ,

“Please help me speak my truth assertively and lovingly which is aligned to my higher purpose. Thank you, for fulfilling my financial and creative needs and giving me a wonderful -rewarding environment to work in. So it is now”

“There’s #Magic in the Air, there are angels everywhere” – Møî

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