Hey Shilpa,

I wanted to write a small note just to say thank you for the entire experience .. So here goes:)

My experience with the angelic divination workshop which was conducted my Shilpa M Menon was phenomenal!loving angel
It was something I cannot put in words..something which could only be felt..
For the first time in my life I saw the most beautiful colors one could ever imagine.. I felt love .. Unconditional love , that kind of love what is given by a mother to her child.. Like as if the angels were trying to tell me they are with me ,and they truly..Unconditionally love me.. My actions , my appearance , didn’t mean anything to them.. They just loved me for me!

Angelic Divination
Angelic Divination

Shilpa..thank you so so much.. This workshop has not only opened new doors for me but changed me as a human being .. It’s been a beautiful experience and it’s only growing every single day.
The experience dint last only for those two days of the work shop but I feel the angels in my day to day life.. I’m definitely more aware of them now and the more I am aware the more they make me feel their presence every single day ..

Shilpa.. “You put in so much effort to reach out and teach people about the presence of angels in our world and to bring magic in our daily life and I must say that the efforts have turned into reality .. I do feel magic every single day! And this was possible only because of u..you are making the world a better place to live in. Thank you so much for changing my world!”

Lots of love



Feeling humbled to be a channel of light and angels

Shilpa ….ThaThe best form of servicenx a lot for coming into my life.  An angel who taught me Angel divination. You taught me the concept of acceptance nd receiving..and believe me I have received more than I actually expected or rather deserve in d past few days.I will continue the gud work of luv compassion forgiving acceptance ….and all d positive  words u taught me…God bless u and may more and more people benefit from you the way I did

Veda Raghavan 

I thank all the Angels for having given me an opportunity to attend & experience Angelic Divination Workshop by Shilpa M Menon. One of the Angel who made me attend this was DrSanjeev Naik………Thank you Sanjeev……Namaskaara……This was one of the best workshop attended by me. Shilpa M Menon……. I can’t thank you enough for the most enlightening workshop experience…..Thank you for not just touching my life but my family’s life as well. ..Mam….here u did not just share your knowledge about the angels, but you made us experience the experience you had with the Angels……………Hence, for me you are one of the Angels….I love you soooo much………………But I still have to learn more on this subject………so to make my Life more comfortable to LIVE on………………..I am sure very shortly…..I will experience the same…..Thank you all once again Shilpa M Menon……… Soubhagya (Bangalore)

Shilpa M Menon _ Chitra Dutta

The girl who’s taught me how to kick ass of any tough situation in life and come out a winner ~ Chitra Dutta

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Dearest Shilpa,

I cannot find enough words to THANK YOU for the guidance you have given me. You have put our lives on ‘the right path’ which nobody i have met in my lifetime has ever done it. I consider myself extremely fortunate to connect with you. Been practising what you have told me for the past  3 days now and feeling lighter everyday. Know in my heart that my world is going to change in right direction now.
EXTREMELY GRATEFUL. Me and my sister will like to meet you when you are in our city. Please do let me know.


Angelic query on Soul mate :

Ok! Do we really know each other since lifetimes!;) Facebook has a major role in helping me connect with you! I believed in Angels but never thought of getting a reading done:)but with you i felt the connection!I asked for solution as how can i get married to love of my life!surprisingly the whole reading revolved around self-love and writing! You helped me unterstand that angels tell us whats they want to tell us irrespective of what we want to know! Six months i follwed everything in that email and bang on not only i got married to my soul mate .. everyone at my inlaws place seemed so connected! Your reading are so apt and right! I bow down to the universe for making me get connected to you ! Soul sisters we are!:)♥♥thank you rockstar for helping so many souls:)

Much love,

Hello Dear Shilpa M Menon, Thank you for the wonderful workshop on Angelic Divination,last year, at Dr Sanjeev’s VEDIC TREAT. There we had an opportunity to meet many Angels. I use many things in my practice. But amazing thing is the help given by the Angels in day-to-day life. Children throwing tantrums in public, is really very awful. Parents find it very difficult to manage such situations. Whenever, I encounter such things,where I cannot interfere physically, I just pray to the respective Guardian Angels to help the parents and also children to calm down. The call is always answered,
Another thing I would like to share is, I always pray for safe and traffic-free journey, while travelling,which is always answered.
Once again Thank you – Vijaya Bk (Bangalore)

I am very glad that I attended Angelic Divination and Emotional Freedom
Technique workshops. I enjoyed both the workshops. They were life changing workshops.
Shilpa M Menon is best and an Extraordinary amazing Angel in human form. If anybody specially who are professionals in this field they must attend or learn from her workshop. She is a best facilitator of the above.
Although I am not a professional in this field then also I enjoyed both the
workshops tremendously. She is an affectionate and loving person.

~Lalitha Shenoy

Sourabh _ Pooh_Shilpa M MenonShilpa Menon. Angels do appear in divine form. So you did. You helped. Guided. Facilitated. Nudged. People talk about the power of positivity. That’s gegeneralization Hai na? You taught goodness. Intuitively put me on the path where clarity stared me in the face. Through your workshops. Through your presence. You brought in GOOD into my life in all forms. And then went on to teach me how to bring in good into all our lives. Such that I’m empowered to achieve my material goals. And answer the call of my Spiritual Master. Do continue the good work in the highest good. For all our sake   !!       ~ Sourabh Mukherjee

Dearest Shilpa M Menon,
Nice to see that your workshop on Angelic Divination is back in Bangalore on 4th and 5th July 2015. Wish you guys can allow me to attend the workshop again. I am glad that I did my Angelic Divination workshop with you in Nov 2014.Not only I got introduced to the lovely and lively world of angels, but also to an Angel in human form, and that’s you Shilpa. Being with you or around you is so wonderful that I wished the workshop would have been for few more days .

Ever since I attended your workshop, I’ve been feeling more confident, always secured and protected and never felt the loneliness… I feel am getting more compassionate, empathetic and refined with each passing day.

I have done couple of Angel card readings for myself and few of my known people and the readings have always turned out to be perfect. The readings have been guiding me like a lantern in the dark. Thank you again Shilpa. I admire you for your down to earth attitude, your compassion, your concern, your positivity towards everything. The list goes on and on. You have been a dear friend, a mentor and an inspiration for me. Love you  . May God bless you with abundance and I am sure you are here to touch many more people and bring MAGIC into their lives.

I would thank DrSanjeev Naik for literally pulling me to attend this workshop .
Kudos to Vedic Treat for their humble vision and hosting such Workshops. All the best to Dr Sanjeev and VedicTreat in their future endeavors.
See you on 4th and 5th of July.
Thank you once again and lots of gratitude to all the Angels for touching my life with their unconditional love and guidance.