Two lessons from my #SleepingSage as I dream !!
I see an old colleague who I have worked with 9 years ago, in my dream with another old friend . As I greeted my friend and this colleague …The colleague seemed to ignore me and I still smiled . Both of them had to go somewhere and they left. I was acutely aware that I was dreaming. My Sleeping Sage guided Me , “It doesn’t matter if someone likes you or not , it’s important you be kind and continue to spread smiles and each one may be going through their own journeys”

..later in the dream, my friend did verify that the colleague was going through trying times and therefore didn’t respond at that moment, though that little smile did help him lift up later and the colleague apologised to the friend.
My sleeping sage was accurate on guiding me!
Lesson 2 as I wake up : “Sometimes others behave the way they do is not personal or directed towards us, it’s due to their own inner conflicts or perceptions “.

I love my dreams and the guidance I get. Perfect weather to Sleep & Smile . Live, Love , Laugh and Learn

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