‘For he will command his angels concerning you to guard you in all your ways’ -Psalm 91:11-12


Nothing is petty in the mind of #Angels , they are always ready and happy to help. ..All you have to Do is #Ask.
Gauri, after attending the #Angelic #Divination workshop was heading home on her two wheeler … It was pouring and she was wondering how will she reach home safe , as the roads were slippery and she had her previous workbook and Angel cards in her bag.

Let’s hear what she has to say in her own words how she experienced Divine support from the Angels :

As “I ( Gauri) was riding home, the bike was gonna skid, but it was as if someone pulled thr handle of my bike from the other side and the bike stood back well grounded.”

She said she would have been in Hospital if this help would not have come through. Then she mentioned that,

“And all my cards and the workshop journal were inside the purse. The Purse was on the pedestal. I was damn sure that everything is doing to get wet because of the rains.
As the purse has a little opening near the chain, as a part of purse-design. I prayed to the angels please let the purse, the cards & the journal not get wet.

The heart was saying : ‘they wont get wet’ as I have prayed to my angels. But the head was saying : ‘it’s gonna get wet’

I had therefore opened up the purse while waiting on the signal to transfer things inside the dickey, but wasn’t able to do it.

Lots & lots of waters being splashed by the cars.
Now, as I entered my home & was literally sure at this point, that all of it has got destroyed by the rain water. I was completely drenched by rain waters and by the water which was splashed on the road.
However, to my suprise and by the grace of the angels there was not a single drop of water in the purse. And all my precious belongings ( Angel cards and book ) were safe.”

Thank you Gauri for sharing your experience with us. .Pray we all experience this Divine Magic !

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