Angels help with Money and Finances !

Prosperity - goddess lakhsmi

Very happy to share an experience from one of my participants of #Angelic Divination #Workshop.

** Name changed of banks and the person to maintain privacy**

Let’s Hear It :

Hey Shilpa

Sharing my recent #magical angel experience.

As I have mentioned to you we are in the process of refinancing our loan through ABC Bank.

ABC is very particular about the documents, Raj and me we have been working on this since the last two weeks. Yesterday our agent got back saying there is a crucial document missing .

We spoke to the builder to check if they have it, or else we would have had to put a request with our current bank and the whole process would be delayed by 10-15 days😰.

I prayed to the angels to take over and help🙏.

Today we got a call from the builder’s office saying we were lucky that the documents were in the office, normally they store it in the godown….😃 ( Magic eh )

Mind you, these documents are 8 years old😇 and we got the documents 🙏😇

Plus we also needed additional documents from my society : Our manager at the society office has gone out of her way beyond her call of duty to go searching for a courier service that delivers on urgent basis so I can get the documents by tomorrow😇🙏👼

I’m so grateful to my angels, love this experience and love this feeling, love you universe !

Interesting thing is that she got Prosperity Card today and after that this amazing news pour in . Magic all the way.

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