I woke up this morning with a thought and faint smile with the ways of the world. The thought was of the conversation I had with one of my uncles. 

 ‘Please do not give your cash in someone’s hand’, he said. Ensure it’s in your account and you don’t give any permissions to access the money. Be Safe with your investments. His tone was breathing Fear and the untold stories of how unsafe this world is. One cannot trust anyone for money. 
This conversation continued with my mom, and as I mentioned that I find these kind of fear based conversation funny, she started with her experiences. 
One part of her believes in Divine, the other part of her life speaks of how money makes people go mad. It’s a bad ass world. One needs to be alert of everyone and everything. Children do not care about their parents for money and siblings have big issues / fights coz of money / property.
Money is not bad was my response, it helps us transact and access things we want. It’s the way we deal with it can or cannot be a challenge. Money is plain money. You can cheat or give it for charity. You can earn or snatch. Is it really the Money that is bad? Or it is the way we deal with it? Ever since I was young I had this pet peeve statement : “Are we going to take all this with us when we die?  We come to this world empty-handed , we will go empty handed.”
true wealth

The biggest investment is life is people
and love.
 If we nurture it well and walk with them through it all we are multi-millionaires. I am One for sure. I reiterate and emphasize again, it’s what we do with money that counts. It’s how we maintain our relationships that matters !
Of course I see both of them as being concerned, so from observer mode I was grateful that they cared. The inner voice was smiling saying that the world is beautiful. We cannot change people , only our mindsets and approach is what one can take responsibility of.
All of us live in the same world, it leaves me perplexed sometimes how I feel the world is safe. ( a lot of my friends usually asks me to get real 😛 ). I am for them a dreamer and for me real. 
Little does my mom knows that my money is kept outside in the open. This has been a practice for 15 years now ( I have been living independently and away) and yes I believe and have experienced it that it always stayed intact in its place. I have lots of friends visiting my place, I have a caretaker. Not even once I have had an iota of doubt that the money will vanish and it never has. Apart, from that I come from belief what’s mine will stay with me and what’s not will go if it has too. So why loose your sleep over it.
Again , there is trust and discernment which plays a part in this. The conversation continued with my mom, “”I wonder how you feel that relationships are not valued and money takes over? “
Her response was her experience of the life she had witnessed.
Me : “I feel blessed that I have relationships till date which are over and above money. The transaction can happen if need be, however the premise of the relationship is deep Love , Trust and happiness to see each other grow.”
She responded saying it’s about Karma of previous lives. It can be one part and other part is how we take on life,what’s our perspective to it. Karma is not retribution. 
I grew up with my mom and my belief is absolutely opposite. So I wonder is it just our environment that makes us Us or is it also our own inner belief too. No matter the heart breaks , I still believe that world is beautiful place to live in. Keep on Loving, trusting.. It’s alright to fall as far as you know how to get up and start walking. Isn’t that’s what we did when we were learning to walk?
Explore the beauty , there would be thorns or stones .Big deal it cannot deter you from reaching the top . That top can be accessing the source or living your dreams. 
Remember what you feel becomes your reality. I have chosen mine,
“I am a multi-millionaire, world is safe and I am blessed with the biggest wealth of amazing set of soul friends”
Happy Friendship Day